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A scientific approach that burns fat and spares muscle!

How does the LightenUp Fat Loss System compare?

COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED - everybody has a different body type and a reason why they can not lose fat. The LightenUp system evaluates every aspect that proper operation of appetite, metabolism, and fat storage for success.

FULLY SUPERVISED - for total success and safety. What other system is monitored by a doctor?

100% PRE-TESTED - We target the root of obesity using our state of the art CERF technology.

AFFORDABLE - other fat burning solutions cost much more with little-to-no results. Our system gives results, guaranteed!

Support - total ongoing support and testing throughout your program.

Completly natural, No drugs, No shots, No hunger, No strenuous exercise, No surgery!

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Lost Fat

How Can I Get Started?

Step 1. Our workshop/information session will clarify:

  • How and why our fat loss system is unique.
  • How our system works and why Lighten Up is like nothing else out there.
  • Why you will not be hungry.
  • Most importantly, how you will add great years to your life by becoming healthier!

Step 2. Get scanned with our medical body analysis scale. It will measure:

  • Body Fat %
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Water %
  • Bone Mass
  • Muscle Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Metabolic Age
  • And More!

Step 3. Go over results and program choices:

  • We will sit with you one on one to answer any questions about the system choices and the fees.

Step 4. Register Now:

  • The best time to take action towards a healthier you is NOW. The two most common reasons why someone would not take action on their greatest asset, their health, is intimidation about time and money.
  • NuriMost helps our huge mission to radically transform the health of the community so we want to make it easy for you to get to the health you need!
  • Register on the website or call (718) 837-3700 and we will give you the entire first visit (pre-evaluation and workshop) and unlimited emails to the doctor for only $27! This visit is normally $99.


Real People, With Real Weight Challenges, Getting Real Results!

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